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Dr. Mel & Pastor Beverly Silas

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Word From Our Pastor



What People Are Saying.

  • First and foremost, I want to thank God for blessing me with another day. I want to give Him all the honor, praises, and glory. I thank God for The Great I AM Faith Center, Pastor Mel, First Lady Beverly, and everyone who is a part of this ministry. It has been exactly a year and one month since God led me to this ministry. I vividly recall praying before my 30th birthday and asking God what my purpose was here on Earth. During a therapy session, I felt a wave of energy hit me out of nowhere. I instantly started crying happy tears because I knew right away what God's purpose for my life was. There was a powerful and magnetic feeling in the room that day. I went looking for answers on Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Someone I have known for over 15 years connected me with Pastor Mel that same day. Pastor Mel gave me chills and confirmed what God put in my spirit. All of this transpired in June of 2021. That summer, I took a leap of faith and decided to drop ALL of my college courses to enroll in Film classes. Of course, I doubted myself. However, God would send reminders to trust Him and that I am on the right path. By the end of summer 2021, I chose to commit to the Lord.

    Choosing to stay with The Great I AM Faith Center has been one the best decisions of my life. Pastor Mel has taught me to build a relationship with God by reading the word every Wednesday during Bible study. First Lady Beverly has taught me how to pray during prayer calls every Thursday. Every Sunday sermon has taught me valuable lessons and helped me get through some low moments. I have grown so much within this last year. And for that, I am thankful. Everything I have prayed for with everyone involved in this ministry has come to pass one thing at a time. NEVER underestimate the power of prayer!

    Being here, I have learned to trust the process. Everyone must go through the process. The process has helped me develop my character, given me patience, and allowed me to have faith and trust in God. My journey hasn't been a walk in the park. I do have my moments. However, God will always bring me back to Him. Choosing to walk with God is not for the weak. However, it is worth it! Again, all the honor, praises, and glory go to God. Have a blessed day!

  • Hi Pastor Mel. We're doing great! God is good. You were right. My husband reached out to me about some random thing and I did exactly what you said, wishing him well where he's at and that he's comfortable and safe. That was shortly after we spoke on Saturday. And then yesterday, he asked me out to dinner. I went and we talked, civilly. He wanted to come home. I asked him to take it slow but welcome him and invite him to come over any time to spend time with us. He hesitated but agreed. Pastor Mel, I didn't want him to come home so soon. Before he left, I received an impression from the Lord that He cannot work on my husband because I am in the way. So I wanted to allow God to work in my husband so when he returns home, he's ready to be my husband and our children’s father, and some day, be the spiritual leader that he was called to be in our family. God is so good. Most of the time the journey feels like there is no hope but I declare God is in my story! Thank you, Pastor Mel, for the talk and uplifting my spirit. It reminded me of how real God's faithfulness is! God bless you and your ministry, Pastor Mel! Praises and glory to Him in the highest! My God, my God, He's an awesome God!

  • Thank you so much - thank God that I was able to have the opportunity to talk to you guys for the encouraging words, prayers, and focus. I really do appreciate it; thank you for letting me see what God has instilled in me to open my heart and mind, and to let him in to fully guide my path without any doubt in my mind. For letting me see that the strength that I have in me - He instilled that in me, and I don’t have to fall weak or victim to the things that are out there or the people that tried to be around me or in my company. I thank you for letting me see that God still loves me unconditionally even though I had fallen.

  • Pastor Mel, I've been so blessed since I met you and the church. I wish I could offer more. I am deeply humbled by your love, prayers, and ministry. God bless you and the church. Thank you, every day, for your daily prayers and messages. With love, Vilai

  • Pastor Mel thank you so much! I’m so grateful to you for praying for me and speaking life into me when I was at my lowest point! I really appreciate it! It definitely changed my mind and helped me to get up again!

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