King's Men

Our Purpose

  • Reconciling Men Back to God
  • Reconciling Men Back to Themselves
  • Reconciling Men Back to Their Wives & Children

Primary Purpose

To provide a place where men can come together, to receive the Word of God.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Timothy 3:16

It is a time now that God is seeking an army of men to take their rightful place in the body of Christ as warriors. Men need to know, how to pray, fast, and use the Word as soldiers. Teaching them to fight the enemy to keep what God has given them, and will give them. Building and restoring men that have become weak in the church. It is the purpose of this ministry to allow a man to come face to face with the power of God that will cause a man to confess his faults, his sins and know that God is faithful and just to forgive him and to cleanse him. Knowing that God is able to RESTORE a man.

The Great I AM Faith Center is here to provide a place of refuge to those who are hurting and need the Love of God, those that need another brother’s compassion, and a brother to stand with him in prayer. We are not looking for church members but for body (Christ Jesus ) members. Meaning that men from different churches are welcome. In building these men, they can become better men for their Pastors and their church. God is looking to build the body. Not any single church! Our purpose is to have a leader from different churches head up this same program in his church and to do just what we are doing here.

We Are Men Who Love Jesus

We are a group of men of every race, and background coming together to Worship our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. We are building men and with that comes building your church. Come join us for our Worship Services.

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