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Thank you so much - thank God that I was able to have the opportunity to talk to you guys for the encouraging words, prayers, and focus. I really do appreciate it; thank you for letting me see what God has instilled in me to open my heart and mind, and to let him in to fully guide my path without any doubt in my mind. For letting me see that the strength that I have in me - He instilled that in me, and I don’t have to fall weak or victim to the things that are out there or the people that tried to be around me or in my company. I thank you for letting me see that God still loves me unconditionally even though I had fallen.


Pastor Mel, I've been so blessed since I met you and the church. I wish I could offer more. I am deeply humbled by your love, prayers, and ministry. God bless you and the church. Thank you, every day, for your daily prayers and messages. With love, Vilai


Pastor Mel thank you so much! I’m so grateful to you for praying for me and speaking life into me when I was at my lowest point! I really appreciate it! It definitely changed my mind and helped me to get up again!

Sherry Tatum

I first started going to our church and the spirit began to grow in me. From the smallest to the biggest problem would bend me out of shape. I would use them as excuses to go and get high, just putting misery upon misery. As you taught me to lean on the holy spirit more and more, I grew to look at issues dead-on and I shifted and began to sing hallelujah in the middle of my storms and let Jesus guide me to stand firm, knowing in faith that nothing of this world can overcome my Lord and Savior. I thank you so much, pastor, for being there and for sharing your love of God with me for all your prayers. I love you and MS Beverly dearly for the hope and love you poured into my life and into the church. You got a family member for life - you guys are stuck with me now!  Have a great day pastor.

Gary Baca

Even during this Pandemic in 2020, I have blessed beyond measure. I been asking God for a promotion in my work so can have more financial freedom and a better schedule to be available on weekends for my family. I applied for a demotion that had better off days, but I knew that it might be a downgrade I just rather be happy with my family. The position required 3 total tests for consideration. I failed the second test and cried of frustration and disappointment. I didn’t understand how I could fail a test for a lower pay level. I then applied for a promotion position and got an interview. There were 25 applicants and I was selected one of the 5 finalists. One day while at work I got the call that I had been promoted with better pay and better off days. God knew what he wanted for me even though I wanted to demote myself he did not let me. Now I know why that demotion did not happen - God gave me what I truly deserved and desired!! I am blessed By Him against my will! This taught me a good lesson, be patient and believe!! Amen.

Iris Gudino

There is truly power in prayer! There is truly power in the word of God! I am thankful for "The Great I AM Faith Center", Pastor Melvin & Beverly Silas. This is a place that educates you on the importance of prayer, the importance of exercising your Faith. As of recently we all have been dealing a lot with the pandemic, racial injustice, and just everyday issues, but God. Last year December 31, 2019, it ended with me finding out my uncle, who I have been trying to find for years was in a hit & run accident and passed away. I prayed through this, and God worked through a gentleman at the cemetery to get him buried. It took five months to bury my uncle. There was no life insurance, but God worked it out. Then comes COVID-19! My work began to suffer, hours were reduced, but God. I prayed through this, and God like always provided. He kept a roof over me and my kids head. He kept food on our table, and made sure that we were blessed. I took my daughter to daycare, and at the end of the day the provider called and said she was not feeling well. She later got tested for COVID and it came back positive, but God. Although my daughter and I had been around her, God showed us grace & we quarantined and came out good and so did the day care provider. Being a mom, things can become so overwhelming. I know that I am not alone in this Journey, God has always had my back. As long as I continue to be faithful to him.

Our God is an awesome God! We are tested daily, and how we go through these tests are very important. We must pray & stand on the word of God daily. My Pastor educates his congregation that it's not about religion, but the relationship with the Father is so important. Just knowing that no matter what you are going through, continue to have faith & God will bring you through. God will deliver, just don't give up. Keep up the good fight of faith!

Naomi Tarver

I grew up as a Shaman then a Baptist and through church I learned of God and Jesus. I was a baby Christian just knowing the basics but not enough of God or Jesus but I knew not to do or say certain things that would place myself away from God.

Then one day I meet a lovely lady by the name of Cer and she was who God sent to me, the woman that I was looking for from all the others I've have dated. The only thing was that she lived in Los Angeles and I was in Stockton, it's a 5 hr. long drive and I haven't been to Los Angeles before and all I know is that the traffic is very bad. It was a long-distance relationship and she informed me that if I wanted to pursued her, I would have to go to church with her, get prophesied and receive the Holy Spirit.

At this time in my life I was living with the family and I was helping with the mortgage which was $500 a month. I talked to my big brother about this and weighted the Pros and Cons and I didn't want to leave my family in a difficult financial problem.

So, I took the leap of faith and pursued Cer and did everything she asked me too. We became boyfriend and girlfriend and lived together and we were looking for a home church and it took some time but we found it with this church The Great I AM Faith Center.

Cer and I have been together for almost 9 years and married for 1 year now and I can honestly say the 9 years was not easy it was rough for the both of us but it’s getting better now. I know that it was God, he was the glue that kept us together because there were moments in time that we might not have worked out. I thank God for everything he has done in my life and for everything/everyone in it. I am so blessed and so can you.

What am I saying ... Sometimes you have to take the leap of faith and pursue your dreams when God is leading you. I found my wife, home church and the Holy Spirit and reconnected with God and Jesus again. Walk in Faith Everyday (WIFE) as God leads the way !!!

William Lee

We had received an enormous water bill that was triple what we normally paid. We called and they said the meter was read by a technician. Then we started calling spoke with the utilities commission, who thoroughly looked at our history and bills, so they requested the meter be examined. They took it out and said it was properly working but God knew there was an error and it was made by the technician in inputting the figures. As we prayed, confessed and believed we received a called stating just pay what you normally pay and they will adjust the balance. Lord we are truly grateful and thankful for you being everywhere seeing all things and making it right. Hallelujah our God answers prayer. The effectual prayers of Gods servants do and are receiving his miraculous blessings. Amen


First, grandmother at age 71 got the virus (Covid). However, it was not severe and she is now clear and free of the virus. She thanked and praised God and continuing her prays for others. Second, God renewed my contract at work; I will continue to be where I am at. God’s favor and continuous provision with having work. And others - we have been praying for testing negative for the virus. Thank YOU, Lord for bringing grandmother through and being with our family and continuing to have work. Blessed is your name, Oh Holy God!


As I get ready for bed, I can't help but think about my experience at church (The Great I AM Faith Center) this past Sunday. My Pastor gave me this scripture and told me it was time to truly forgive myself as he prayed over me and brought up the fact that God knew that I wake up every night to check on and stare at my child. It was such an out-of-body experience I can't remember word for word but I remember the main details. Now, what I can't stop thinking about is the fact that when I first became pregnant/had Alice I spent so much time working and doing overtime so that Alice could have everything in the world and I didn't realize how much time I was missing out on with her until November 15, 2017 when I found Alice unresponsive in her crib as I was getting up to get ready for work and the guilt of how much time I would've missed out on with my baby has been haunting me ever since. God really worked a miracle that morning and gave me a second chance with my baby girl but I haven't had a single good night's sleep since that day.

There are nights where I wake up in full-fledged tears reaching for Alice to make sure she is breathing but every night is just constant waking up to check on her. On a good night I wake up about 3 times, on a bad night I wake up at least once an hour. It has been torture, and until now only a handful of people knew about my sleepless nights. The guilt of being an independent, working mother who was too busy "Working for her daughter" instead of spending time with her still plays a heavy part in my parenting guilt. But my Pastor, who I've only known for a few months and who had no idea this ever happened to me, knew exactly what to say to me. God used him to pass that message on to me and I am just in such awe! The past 2 nights I only woke up once during the night and have felt more at peace. The first time I walked into that church I thought "I grew up in a heavily Catholic house and that never did anything for me" but man, the changes that have been happening in my life since crossing paths with this Church and the people I have met have just been amazing! Thank you all so much! Love you!


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