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I first want to say thank you soldier you and your wife for being real, and never changing. This ministry has been a blessing to me and my family and ministry, You and your wife has always been a man and woman of faith and has always walk what you have taught. You man of God and your wife have never turn your back on me know matter how far i have ever fallen. You and your wife a true examples of LOVE, when it comes to love your brother. I thank GOD for the both of you, and from the bottom of my HEART thank you for always being there for me, being my friend, my brother but most of all my SOLDIER. Love the both of you. AMEN

Woman Of God

In my despair a voice told me to call Pastor Mel. Even though he was miles away I just knew that I needed him to help me, pray with me comfort me in my time of despair.

I don’t remember how often i talked to him but I do remember him telling me after a couple of days to remember to eat and drink.To be sure t take care of myself. In that moment something came over me. I think it was the Holy Spirit through Pastor Mel and I felt that with his help and prayer I could and would get through this. I got up, took a shower and went to the nearest grocery store and purchased some juices and water which is all I could tolerate. Each night I would hide under the blankets and after talking to pastor Mel I would find the strength to put one foot in front of the other.

My daughter in law flew to Vegas and helped me pack up everything and we began the long car journey home. I touched based with Pastor Mel on the road and once I’d returned and he kept reassuring me that I did not need to know the answers why. That God has a plan and the answers would one day be there for me. I took faith in every thing he told me and he was right.

I kept praying for direction and a few months later my husband and I started to talk and re hash what had gone wrong with us. We continued to pray together, which is something we had never done before, we went to marriage counseling and we have reconciled and are better than we ever have been.

Without the guidance of Pastor Mel I truly don’t know where I would be. His guidance to keep moving forward, not to dwell on what has been and not to try to find the answers, continues to give me strength. Pastor Mel and his wife Beverley’s constant faith has helped to keep me on track with prayer.

One thing I read that Pastor Mel had written was if you are confused about where you are and where you are going follow Jesus and you will end up in the right place. And be with the right person as you travel there.

How true those words are!

I know my story is part of my life’s journey and I have asked for forgiveness but I do believe that God places you in touch with the right people to guide you and I truly thank Pastor Mel for his help along my way.

Woman Of God

Pastor Mel, I pray you and yours are blessed! I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you how much I appreciate you and your wife. I haven't forgotten how, thru prayer and sheer concern, you caused me to pause spiritually, examine myself and renew my walk with the Lord. Thru a refreshing of the Holy Ghost, I was able to grab hold on faith and my hope for tomorrow actually became a reality! All glory be to God, but if it weren't for your conversation and prayer that particular day, I would not be here in the land of the living today! Thank you, for allowing God to walk rent free in your spirit and saying what HE gave you to say to me that day.Because of "your" spiritual diligence, my walk with the Lord became TRULY fervent and faith based, I've moved "up" a level in my spiritual purpose and, God has blessed me with the opportunity to be in the process of launching 3 cable television programs - Talk Show, Preaching Broadcast and, Childrens Program. It only takes " 1 " Christian to set in place a multitude of blessings . . . YOU were that Christian in my life . . . Thank You!


Love & Blessings

Prophetes Deborah Bernard (Lady D)

Daily I Thank God for Pastor & First Lady Silas.

They’ve been a constant reflections of the LOVE of Christ Jesus and for me and my family; they’ve been a guide to the Light House(GOD) in the midst of life’s stormy seas and troubles. I truly Believe God sends people in our lives for season, reason and a lifetime to point us directly to HIS Love. Both Pastor and First lady are a lifetime of love and has done more for me than my natural family. They’ve taken me in as their own, cultivated the gifts God has given me by teaching, training, and preparing me to be all that God is requiring of me.

When my children and I was going through deep financial struggle and I went through a bad divorce they came to my home and gave out of there lack and made sure me and my children were taken care of, despite whatever they were in need of. They’ve prayed for us, answered midnight calls, sat with me in the police station, brought food over when we had none, cried with me and has always been there no matter what the situation was.

I’ve learned what it means to LOVE sacrificially through them, their ministry and lifestyle.

I personally believe LOVE is what you do and not what you say, but both Pastor and First lady Silas walk, talk and show the LOVE of God in every area of their lives.

I often refer many to them for spiritual guidance and direction. The Great I AM Faith Center is a church I know that GOD Birthed through this mighty couple, and is functioning as God has commanded in the book of ACTS.

During this evil and wicked generation many will come claiming to be “called by god” but I know for a fact that the GOD of Heavens Armies has “CALLED” Dr. Melvin Silas and Minister Beverly Silas. They are Great vessels of love, that I know God uses for Kingdom Building.

I Love them and they are a HUGE BLESSING my life!


Min. La Shonda Johnson

MIN. LA Shonda Johnson

Hello Everyone,

My name is Reina and Pastor Mel and his wife are beautiful souls. I have had a rocky marriage and because of me attending church I am starting to see positive changes. Coming to church and hearing the message Pastor Mel preach on Sunday helps me understand the Bible more and have a closer deeper relationship with God. I am a work in progress but I know coming to this church as been a blessing. I am up for the challenge and 2017 will be a prosperous year because I am closer to GOD.


What Pastor Mell and Lady Beverly Silas mean to us!


My wife Pastor Zoila and I Pastor Martin Barraza give God all the praise and all the Glory for crossing paths with this beautiful couple that has meant so much in our lives. The love of God that they both show to us is just how the Lord wants us to love one another, they are both truly amazing people that just love God with all their hears, souls, and minds. My wife and I would love to say thank you Pastor Mell and Lady Beverly for making a huge difference and being there for us with open arms, opening your hearts to us and our ministry, thank you for just being the real beautiful couple we can all count on for prayer, friendship, love, and support!

May God bless you both Pastor Mell and Lady Beverly Silas and your ministry "The Great I AM"

We Love you both;

Evangelists - Pastors

Martin and Zoila Barraza

From Strength and Honor Ministries of SoCal

Martin and Zoila Barraza

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