4 Ways To Give

How To Give

At The Great I AM Faith Center, we have 3 ways that you can give your tithes, offerings, or other special gifts.

1. Traditional Giving

If you prefer to give via cash or check, please place your offering in an offering basket on Sunday Morning, and mark the envelop and your check 90 Day Challenge.

2. Online

Click here to give online one time or to set up a recurring gift. This safe and flexible option in one of the easiest ways to give.

3. Church App

Go to Google Play store or Apple Apps and put in the Great I AM Faith Center or IAMFC and fill out the information. Giving is simple, safe and secure. Through Smart Giving, you are able to give one time or setup recurring giving. Fill out your information one time, and then it's as easy as clicking a couple of buttons and you are done.

4. Givelify

Step 1. Download Givelify from the App or Play Store.

Step 2. Find our organization by name, The Great I AM Faith Center, or our address, and more.

Step 3. Tap Give and show your beautiful generosity. It's that easy!

Download Givelify for iPhone  Download Givelify for Android

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