Pastor  Dr. Mel Silas

Pastor Dr. Mel Silas


The Lord has blessed this ministry with people that have a passion for ministry. People that are self-sacrificing in giving of themselves to assist others and helping to moving forward with the vision that God has placed in the heart of our pastor.

For the body is not one member, but many.


So it is, that there are many parts but one Body. As Pastor of this ministry, God has made me the head, but the head is ineffective without the hands, feet, legs, arms, and other parts.Everyone is important in bringing the goals, objectives, and vision to pass.

Pastor Melvin Silas better known as (Pastor Mel) spent a great deal of his life on the run from God, which caused him to spend many years within prison going in and out of jail for many different crimes. On one cold snowy night, in the state of Ohio while sitting in a cell. Pastor Mel accepted the call of God. For the next several years while still in prison he commenced studying the Word of God to know more about the God that had saved him while sitting in that cell.

Pastor Mel wrote a letter to Kenneth Hagin Sr. Pastor of Rhema Bible College, and asked for help. The man of God (Pastor Hagin Sr.) sent Pastor Silas a bible correspondence course. This course changed his life. He learned what it meant to live by faith!! Thank God for Pastor Kenneth Hagin Sr. and all the brothers and sisters at Rhema that invested in his life.

Upon being released from prison Pastor Mel attended Crenshaw Christian Center School of Ministry under Dr. Fredrick KC Price. Where he learned the excellence of ministry, along with the required disciple needed for a man of God to serve God and the people of God. After which Pastor Mel went on to attend ZOE Christian Leadership School under Bishop Frank Stewart for another two years and graduated.

Pastor Mel is now a dynamic and anointed Teacher and Preacher of the Word sharing the Gospel with electrifying presentation his life experiences through the Word of God to help others, communicating with unmistakable clarity which challenges the believer to walk in faith and live in fullness as God desires. His God given messages presents uncompromising truths with a unique and matchless style that reaches far into the hearts of listeners of young and old, of all ethnic origins. Pastor Silas is the senior Pastor of the The Great “I AM” Faith Center in the city of Los Angeles, California.

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