We Are Not So Perfect After All - What Do You Think?

Published June 29th, 2021 by The Great I AM Faith Center

We Are Not So Perfect After All - What Do You Think?

Revelation will always affect our realization. Most people perceive everything going on in their life as good, good enough, close enough, near perfect, or perfect. Either way, it is common for most people to settle for what seems to work well or is comfortable. Being comfortable or being at ease can be a major deception.

Falling short of a mature or complete outcome by thinking you are “close enough to what it should be” is essentially saying “Well, that’s good enough for me” or “that’s the way it should be.” Our perception about the way life is and going can be a lie that we readily accept.

For example, “Everything seems to be flowing smoothly, so why upset things by changing it now!” Most people think that if life is going good, it has to be a “God thing!” Wrong! Never settle for less, continue to reach for the BEST!!

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